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Compost for Good offers support for farmers, municipalities, local food scrap haulers, compost operators, generators of food waste, community organizers, and universities, and others to improve and maintain long-term soil health and reduce the amount of organic materials ending up in landfills. We support organics recycling interests through customized technical assistance, grant writing, community networking, peer to peer relationships, site visits, and resources/toolkits.

Compost for Good is supported by ANCA and AdkAction and partners with other regional organizations committed to reducing food waste and creating economic opportunity through community-scale composting.



Questions? Contact ANCA’s Organics Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Perry at or John Culpepper at




About Compost for Good

The Compost for Good team envisions a world in which humans positively impact the Earth and its communities by valuing organic waste as a resource. Learn more about our team.

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Our Composting Toolkit offers a variety of outreach resources for kids and adults interested in practicing more food waste reduction and composting in their daily lives. The Toolkit includes videos, presentations, fact sheets, infographics and more.

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We are grateful for the partners who are helping advance Compost for Good’s mission across New York’s North Country. These organizations, institutions, farms and communities are building resilient composting systems that benefit our region’s communities.

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