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In 2018, ANCA’s Organics Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Perry partnered with compost enthusiasts John Culpepper and his daughter Katie to launch Compost for Good (CfG). The initiative grew out of a 2015 collaboration between ANCA and North Country School Camp Treetops, where John designed and built an in-vessel rotating drum composter. Funded by the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) and administered by ANCA, the project spurred additional NYSERDA support for three more drum composters in the region.

Eager to their passion for composting with more communities across the North Country, the CfG Team has been building their networks and impacts ever since.


A Passion for Composting

Our vision is a world in which humans positively impact the Earth and its communities by valuing organic waste as a resource.

Our mission is to support communities to adopt economically viable and ecologically resilient composting systems and processes through education, outreach, technical support, peer to peer connections, and research.

To connect with the CfG Team, please contact ANCA’s Organics Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Perry at or John Culpepper at