Location: Throughout the North Country 

Not all business owners are ready to make their transition plans public…but many are still interested in connecting with potential qualified successors.

We work with business owners to get the word out to aspiring entrepreneurs even if they wish to remain semi-anonymous in their intentions. Reach out to us today if any of these opportunities seem like something you would like to learn more about:

  • A large commercial cleaning business with commercial and construction accounts across the North Country
  • A one to two person cleaning business run out of someone’s home
  • An electrical contracting business
  • An outdoor recreation and guide business
  • A unique agritourism business
  • A bakery/cafe in a thriving downtown
  • A water bottling operation
  • A plumbing, HVAC and retail business that is one of a kind in their county
  • A diner in a busy tourist downtown
  • A web design firm
  • A supplier to a manufacturing company located in the Mohawk valley
  • A wood shop specializing in custom cabinetry
  • A campground with the infrastructure to support a full service restaurant
  • An art focused experience center in a North Country population center