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Contact Information

Lauren Richard

Small Business Services Coordinator

Lauren’s educational background is in biology, ecology and wildlife; she brings this systems perspective to every subject she approaches. Study abroad in South Africa gave her exposure to many different peoples, cultures, ecosystems and approaches to conservation and communication.

Her early professional career involved a lot of nature education, working with the public in a few different states. After spending some time living in various parts of this big, beautiful country, she knew that home is where the trees, mountains and lakes are and made her way back to the Adirondack North Country where she first came for college at Paul Smith’s.

Lauren began at ANCA in 2013 as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Over the years, she has brought her ecological and public education skills to each position she has held. She approaches her work with the heart of a student and a teacher, always happy to learn more and help folks along their path.

When she isn’t organizing Adirondack Buyer Days, attending cooperative development meetings, or working with entrepreneurs, Lauren can be found reading, exploring the outdoors, working with her partner Christiaan on their old barn, or caring for their houseplants, native perennials, chickens, dog, cat, aquarium and snake.