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Contact Information

Keeley Jock

Climate Justice Fellow

Keeley Jock grew up in Akwesasne, a Mohawk reservation on the border of New York State and Canada. From her strong belief in the Seven Generations philosophy taught to them at a young age, it moved them to obtaining a B.S. in Environmental Science from Paul Smith’s College, with the dream of doing something bigger than herself in this world. With a keen interest in wetland ecology and botany, Keeley wrote their undergraduate thesis on Indigenous Knowledge informing EPA standard wetland assessments to help improve regulations for highly impacted/less pristine wetlands. As a recent graduate, she is starting off her future with beginning work at ANCA beginning in 2024, as a Climate Justice Fellow through a NYSERDA grant program.

Out of the office you may find them working as a barista at Nori’s Village Market, skiing, reading, drinking coffee, or picking up any other random hobby.