SARANAC LAKE — The village is preparing to enter the last step in a process that would give local electric customers the chance to support renewable energies through their monthly bill. The village is waiting on the electric rate to dip low enough to lock in a better rate.

On Monday, the village board unanimously agreed to move forward with a Community Choice Aggregation agreement that would give locals the option to source all of their electricity from renewable producers.

Essentially, by bunching together all of the purchasing power of electricity users in Saranac Lake with other municipalities across the state, this collective group of utility customers would be able to purchase renewable power at a cheaper bulk rate than individuals would be able to purchase on their own.

When this CCA agreement starts, National Grid would still deliver electricity to its customers and maintain its infrastructure, but it would not sell electricity to those who opt in to the CCA.

People in the CCA would still pay their bills to National Grid, but the electricity passing through those lines would be purchased from companies offering more renewable energy sources, essentially allowing the community to choose what energy industries it supports.

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