Timber Supply, Workforce, Infrastructure & Markets

In November 2016, ANCA announced the release of its wood supply analysis report, Northern New York’s Forests: Timber Supply, Workforce, Infrastructure & Markets. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the region’s wood supply, supply chain infrastructure needs and opportunities, as well as recommendations for addressing them.

For more more information, read the full report and executive summary.

This report grew out of discussions with industry and public sector stakeholders within the forest economy about how the addition of robust complementary markets for low- and high-value wood, along with additional infrastructure to support the sustainable use of this natural resource could help rebuild the Adirondack North Country economy. The project’s objective is to provide decision-making guidance to industry leaders, workforce development groups, policy makers, and potential investors in the industry. ANCA employed Innovative Natural Resource Solutions (INRS), a northeast U.S. based natural resource consulting firm, to conduct this analysis and engaged a broad group of stakeholders to help guide the research process.


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Audrey Schwartzberg, Communications Officer