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Clean Transportation Initiative

The Adirondack North Country is poised to lead the State in a comprehensive, equitable transition to de-carbonized transportation that will be a model for other rural parts of New York and the country-at-large. This transition will help New York achieve the goals set forth in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) as the pressures of climate change increase each year.

A robust electric vehicle build-out will allow northern New York to creatively engage and attract visitors and support the transition to cleaner commercial vehicles, creating and preserving hundreds of jobs while decreasing asthma- and cancer-causing emissions.

ANCA is working with partners to capture and drive opportunities to increase both EV adoption and charging station infrastructure build out. We aim to increase visibility, support, and funding for the rapid transition to clean transportation across the region for passenger, mass transit, and commercial vehicles.


ON-RAMP Summit

ANCA’s 2020 ON-RAMP Summit was designed to establish the foundation for an inclusive, region-wide transition to a low-carbon transportation future.

ANCA’s collaborative work with clean transportation leaders and advocates will help transform regional transportation systems, including expanded infrastructure and use of electric vehicles or other low-carbon technologies to meet the rural transportation needs of our residents and businesses.

ON-RAMP aims to identify new market opportunities and facilitate the adoption of new technologies, strategies and policies in order to make clean transportation more accessible and affordable in the Adirondack North Country.