Did you know that investment as small as $3,000 can make the difference between inertia and growth for a small business? Over the past few years we have been listening to the needs and challenges facing our rural businesses and entrepreneurs. Often a small amount of capital can have a significant impact on their businesses.

From one small business we learned that the purchase of a $2,500 machine could save hours of work every week. The time saved would allow them to diversify their business and seek an additional stream of income and could include hiring a new person. The story was by no means unique. After consulting with regional economic development professionals, we realized that there was certainly a gap that needed filling.

To fill this gap, ANCA recently launched a new crowdfunding platform, Ignite!, to assist entrepreneurs across the Adirondack North Country in raising small amounts of capital for projects that will significantly impact their small businesses. Following the success of Adirondack Gives, a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits, we are aiming to create a community of investors who are committed to seeing small businesses across the region grow, diversify and succeed.

Since the launch:

  • – $6,500 has been pledged by over 200 unique individuals to support two local businesses.
  • – Green Goat Maps (picture right) got its launch through its Winter Trails Map Project in January and is already launching into its second and third mapping projects.
  • – Triple Green Jade Farm has already received $3,165 and is now in the process of firing up their wood-fired oven.
  • – The latest Ignite! campaign by Moonstone Farm to build a new greenhouse is now up on the site.
  • – More new projects are in the works! Stay tuned.

This first year we are aiming to:

  • – assist 10 small businesses throughout the region in funding projects for their businesses
  • – engage more than 500 investors throughout the region in supporting our region’s small businesses

In addition to assisting small businesses in filling financial gaps, the Ignite! team (ANCA & regional economic development professionals) works with individual entrepreneurs to help them leverage business partnerships, increase publicity, and build a stronger customer base.

ANCA is seeking to grow the number of New Economy investors who are committed to reshaping the future of this place that we all care deeply about with an economy that works for all, and where economic health, community vitality and ecological stewardship are equally important outcomes.

We hope you consider joining the movement to help our region’s small businesses flourish.


For more information, contact Regional Advocacy Coordinator Jake Vennie-Vollrath at ignite@adirondack.org or (518) 891-6200.