Open communication, inclusive actions and welcoming language do not come to us naturally. Like other skills, they require learning and practice. In coordination with our ANCA CPR Team, ADI has led a series of Welcoming and Belonging in the Workplace workshops designed to provide business and nonprofit staff with tools for improving communication and embracing cultural and political diversity at work.

Presenters and participants explored complex workplace issues that impact our professional lives — like the Great Resignation, compounding impacts of the COVID pandemic, and feelings of loneliness that afflict so many American workers. Participants explored Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other technologies they can utilize to build leadership skills, cultivate inclusive work cultures, and create healthier, more diverse spaces where individuals feel empowered to build strong local economies. 

“The ADI team created an authentic and intentional learning environment to explore and reflect on personal experience, active empathy, and how to create a human-centered workplace culture.”  ~ Gray Adkins, workshop participant