ANCA SOIL Loan recipients Katie and Bandon Donahue have been farming together since 2007 and established Donahue’s Livestock Farm in North Bangor, N.Y. in 2016. Their loan project — Donahue’s Chop Shop — marks a significant step in the evolution of their farm operation as they will soon be able to provide more local meat for more customers, including vulnerable members of their community.  

The Donahues are using their zero-percent interest loan to grow their business while increasing local food access, particularly for low-income households. Brandon and Katie are renovating and purchasing equipment for their own specialty butcher shop, where they will sell directly to consumers, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants.

The Chop Shop will build on their existing sales of fresh beef, pork and lamb to local restaurants, businesses, schools, institutions, stores and farmers’ markets — and help them diversify their markets for increased business stability and long-term sustainability.