As a child visiting the area with his family, Paul Budd would browse the aisles of the Silver Bay General Store with a pocketful of change to spend on penny candy and other exciting finds. Even in those early years, Paul recognized the important role the landmark shop played in the community. More than a convenience store, it is a central place for connection among locals and visitors alike. So when Paul and his wife Joanne learned the store was for sale, they were eager to purchase it.

Paul met Matthew Courtright, Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) Executive Director and CBIT Community Liaison, at CBIT’s 2021 Small Communities. Big Opportunities. virtual conference. Their early conversations were key for connecting the Budds with financing options, local service providers, and business transition resources through TACC and SUNY Canton SBDC, as well as ongoing support through the purchasing process.

“Their knowledge and guidance made the process of purchasing a lot more manageable,” Paul said. “I’m beyond excited to be here. I feel like I’m finally home, and I’m excited to be part of the community, welcomed by the community and able to contribute to the community as owner of Silver Bay General Store.”