Bike the Barns is a casual bicycle tour that highlights and celebrates the agricultural diversity and locally-produced products of the North Country. Each route will feature the region's natural beauty as well as the small towns and villages that are supported by Adirondack North Country farms and farm families.

Bike the Barns will feature four different route options to suit rider preferences. The shortest route is the "Seed" Family Ride with a distance of approximately 10 miles. Sprout, Veggie and Harvest routes are approximately 30, 40 and 70 miles long. The routes will be finalized and released soon so check back for more information!

  • SEED ROUTE: ~ 10 miles
  • SPROUT ROUTE: ~ 30 miles
  • VEGGIE ROUTE: ~ 40 miles
  • HARVEST ROUTE: ~ 70 miles

Remember, this is not a race! We invite you to take your time, enjoy the views, meet the farmers and experience the region's local food revolution!

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